If you have your pdf file in public directory of the application, you can create link like: link_to "My PDF", asset_path("worlsilnamisi.cf") %>. Rails 4: in routes: get "home/download_pdf". in controller (already have pdf): def download_pdf send_file("#{worlsilnamisi.cf}/public/worlsilnamisi.cf", filename. A subreddit for discussion and news about Ruby on Rails development link_to "example", asset_path("assets/documents/worlsilnamisi.cf").

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Thanks, for your reply same thing is happen here but when i click on link to open pdf file browser automatically gives download worlsilnamisi.cf, i. Recently, during my own rails project there was a requirement for a feature that convert Next, we can create the link to generate the pdf file. Wicked PDF Gem Version Build Status Code Climate Open Source Helpers. A PDF generation plugin for Ruby on Rails. Wicked PDF uses the shell utility.

PDFs with Prawn in Rails 5

Using Active Storage, an application can transform image uploads with ImageMagick , generate image representations of non-image uploads like PDFs and videos, and extract metadata from arbitrary files. After creating a new application or upgrading your application to Rails 5.

Use rails db:migrate to run the migration. For each service your application uses, provide a name and the requisite configuration. Because each environment will likely use a different service, it is recommended to do this on a per-environment basis.

How To Create PDFs in Rails

Disk and S3 and the configuration they require. If you have additional upload options configured such as setting ACLs then additional permissions may be required. A mirror service replicates uploads and deletes across two or more subordinate services. A mirror service is intended to be used temporarily during a migration between services in production. You can start mirroring to a new service, copy pre-existing files from the old service to the new, then go all-in on the new service.

Mirroring is not atomic. It is possible for an upload to succeed on the primary service and fail on any of the subordinate services. Before going all-in on a new service, verify that all files have been copied.

Define each of the services you'd like to mirror as described above. Mirror services are compatible with direct uploads. New files are directly uploaded to the primary service. When a directly-uploaded file is attached to a record, a background job is enqueued to copy it to the secondary services.

Each record can have one file attached to it. For example, suppose your application has a User model.

If you would like to have WickedPdf automatically generate PDF views for all or nearly all pages by appending. If you want to turn on or off the middleware for certain URLs, use the: If you use the standard render pdf: This will render the pdf to a string and include it in the email.

This is very slow so make sure you schedule your email delivery in a job.

StackOverflow questions with the tag "wicked-pdf". Now you can use a debug param on the URL that shows you the content of the pdf in plain html to design it faster. To get around this, you can load your assets like so in your templates:. If one image from your HTML cannot be found relative or wrong path for example , others images with right paths may not be displayed in the output PDF as well it seems to be an issue with wkhtmltopdf.

You may have noticed: PrinceXML's cost was prohibitive for me. So, with a little help from some friends thanks jqr , I tracked down wkhtmltopdf, and here we are. Also, thanks to unixmonkey , galdomedia , jcrisp , lleirborras , tiennou , and everyone else for all their hard work and patience with my delays in merging in their enhancements.

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Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Sep 2, Apr 3, Adding links in the generated PDF file. Finally i come up with this solution. Aug 17, So I thought I would write this article, so that it will be helpful for anyone who faces the same issue.

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In some cases, we wanted to selectively remove some elements from the page or apply a slightly different stylesheet for printing the content. How would you adjust this for multiple files?

You can check out our samples page to get ideas for customizing your PDFs, with features like running headers and footers, custom font support, and dynamically generated tables of contents.

The default is true.