Market Leader Pre-intermediate Coursebook ยท Market Leader Pre-intermediate Workbook Upper-intermediate. Market Leader Upper-intermediate Coursebook. New Market Leader. New-Headway-Upper-Intermediate-Students-Book English File third edition Upper-intermediate Student's Book answer key 1A. pages. year. David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent. Market Leader 3rd Edition has been completely updated to reflect the fast changing world of.

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Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Business English (Course Book) DOWNLOAD PDF Market Leader, Intermediate, Business Grammar and Usage . ENGLISH** Market Leader 3rd edition (Total size is about G) Edition: Elementary Course Book - 40 M Upper-Intermediate. Course Book - 20 M. Upper Intermediate Market Leader Market Leader 3rd Edition has been completely updated to reflect the fast.

If so, what sort of outlets should it choose? Who should be the international ambassador s for the brand? What special promotions could HCC organise in the overseas markets?

Market Leader. Upper Intermediate. Business Coursebook

Is it now time to manufacture the fragrance in low-cost countries? If so, which countries would be suitable? Cl Writing file page Scanned for Agus Suwanto Ask each other the questions in the quiz. Then turn to page to find out how good you are at building relationships. DO YOU: I] You are going to listen to Gillian Baker, Business Relations Manager with an international training organisation, talking about how companies can build strong business relationships.

What factors do you think she will mention? II Match these sentence halves. Then make five more sentences with the verbs in Exercises A and B. How do they do this?

Listen to the first part ofthe interview and complete this information about Cadbury's Cocoa Partnership. EJ Think of any other partnerships similar to that of Cadbury and the farmers from Ghana. Tell your colleague about it. El Where can you meet people to build good business relations?

Which paragraph: EJ Answer these questions. What factors should it consider? If so, which ones? Loosely translated. Fortunes have been made and lost based on whether the seeker 10 has good or bad g11r Now, like so many things in China, the old notion of g11a Playing the g11c Today, he runs a YouTubc wannabe called Tudou that 50 was built largely on connections made at business school.

A fellow student 15 into emerging networks that revolve around shared work experiences or taking business classes together. B y 15 tapping into these informal groups. Western companies can theoretically improve their understanding of the marketplace. JO G11a One of Asia's most successful businessmen, Hong Kong bill ionaire Li Ka-shing, has used his 15 g11a11xi particularly astutely over the people from di fferent cities. Ogi l vy Public Relations so Worldwide holds an annual party for former employees.

If' one thing has remained the same for fore igners in China, it is this: Network- 95 ing at an alumni barbecue or wine tasting goes only so far when trying to build relationships of any lasting value. After the first 30 minutes at these functions.

What's more. They are made with a verb and particles such as at, away, down and off. Four types are: I We'll draw a newcontract up. Put the conversation in the correct order. Then listen and check your answers. My contact thought I had let him down, and his boss simply decided not to turn up at the meeting. We'd set up a meeting in Brussels by e-mail, but he called it offat the last minute.

I'd already checked in at the hotel.

We could meet after that. I was really trying to clinch a deal. Anyway, are you free for a drink later? At first, he kept putting me off. But eventually we met up and I focused on our relationship, not the next sale.

Now we get on reallywell and sometimes play golf together. J Underline all the multiword verbs in the conversation in Exercise A. Then decide which of them has a similar meaning to each of these verb phrases. We'll J-. Make sure you arrive on time. Anna Kaufmann suggested I gave you a call. Listen to the first conversation and say whether these statements are true or false.

Correct the false ones. B Now listen to both conversations again and complete these extracts. Haven't we. I know someone who's a top-class web designer [ You haven't got his phone number,. Can I.

Thanks very much. The supplier was recommended by a friend of the owner. You could meet our Systems Manager. We both went to that presentation. I think we met some time ago. She mentioned that you might be able to help me. Haveyou got his phone number, by any chance? Do you have his contact details? We're both interested in I see we're in the same line of business.

We both do similar work. Are you in sales or product development? Al-Munir Hotel and Spa Group An Arab hotel group wishes to build customer loyalty by getting to know its visitors better and encouraging them to return to its hotels Background Vanessa Schultz, recently appointed Director of Customer Relations, has been hired by the Al-Munir Hotel and Spa Group to improve the group's customer relations.

The group has a number ofhotels in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Vanessa Schultz's first task is to focus on building better relationships with the guests who use the hotels, especially with those who may become frequent visitors.

The challenges facing the hotel group are exemplified by the following facts. In the last five years: Vanessa Schultz realises that she and her colleagues must come up with a plan for building long-term relationships with guests. Discuss the possible reasonsforthe disappointing trends noted above. Look at the results of a customer satisfaction survey on the right.

What conclusions should Vanessa Schultz draw from them? Vanessa Schultz has used the services ofAbd Al-Halim Hamdi, a local consultant specialising in hotel management, to find out why many guests do not return to stay at the hotels on a regular basis. Hamdi carried out a survey of guests by telephone and written questionnaires and is now reporting his findings to Vanessa Schultz. What doyou think will be the main reasons why guests do not return to the hotel?

Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey Average scores for responses from customers completing the questionnaire this year Key: Respondents were asked to grade staff in terms of their helpfulness, enthusiasm and knowledge.

This refers to the information about the hotel provided in rooms, and about sites and attractions in the region. Vanessa Schultz has called a meeting which will be attended by members of the Guest Relations and Marketing Departments. This is the agenda for the meeting.

How did the guest find out about the hotel? Work in small groups. You are members of either the Guest Relations or Marketing Departments. V 1 Prepare for the meeting by discussing each item on the agenda.

One of you should lead the discussion and note down your ideas. One person should play the role of Head of Guest Relations. Writing Write a sales letterto Marion Wise, a businesswoman who has stayed frequently at Al-Munir hotels and is one of the group's most loyal customers.

Describe a special offer which you are making to a small group ofyour priority customers. Make the letter as personalised s itossible.

It is currently holding its annual planning conference in Mauritius. One of the discussion sessions, entitled 'Succeeding in new markets', is attended by some ofthe company's top executives.

The leader ofthe session has asked participants to work in small groups and either talk about or provide notes on a recent overseas assignment, focusing on any cultural problems they encountered in their work.

In one of the groups, Bob Hewitt talks about an assignment in China, Christina Novak provides notes about her work experience in India and Melissa Petrides writes about a business trip to Russia.

Listen and answer these questions. Check your answers with the suggested ranking on page G How would you prepare for a business trip to a country you had nevervisited before? She had neverdone business there before. Explain your answer. Check your answers on page Read the blog below, then, in small groups, analyse and note down the cultural differences which created misunderstanding between Melissa and Georgy Volkov.

Asked him for a five-year sales forecast for the products we're supplying him. It'll take us a long while.

market leader upper intermediate teachers book

He didn't seem pleased with my question. Wonder if I upset him. Went fishing, then shared a sauna with him and his wife and had a wonderful meal lots of caviar. Didn't talk business at all.

June 11 Difficult meeting with G and colleagues. I talked about our fantastic range of organic food products. No chance at all. They'll be too expensive, customers won't download them,' he said.

I was shocked. Compare her comments on what Melissa wrote with the points you noted in Exercise F. Write a response to Melissa's blog, advising her on the best wayto do business in Russia.

June 1 5 Very tricky meeting. We needed to take legal advice about the joint venture. I suggested using Goodman and Parker, who have a branch in Moscow. We've worked with them in many countries and they're very trustworthy. Georgy wasn't interested.

Let us use my old schoolfriend Mikhail Popov. He works for a small law firm. They'll give us good advice and they won't charge very much. G had fixed up an appointment for us to see the Minister of Trade. Would have meant missing my flight, so asked our Moscow Branch Manager, Pat Sanderson, to accompany G to the meeting instead. G not at all pleased, but I wasn't willing to cancel my flight at such short notice.

June 20 Pat Sanderson called. Meeting not successful. He didn't see the Minister of Trade, but only low-level officials in that department. G very unhappy. He told Pat, 'I worked hard to set up the meeting with the Minister.

My reputation will suffer because Melissa couldn't attend the meeting. It'll take me a long time to get back in favour with the Minister. He expresses his ideas clearly and effectively. It included a lot of useless information, and no one really understood the point.

If you don't stick to the point, you won't have time to say everything. He loves being the centre of attention and talking to people. The Marketing Manager gave a presentation about it, but he wasn't very hesitantIcoherent. I don't think he was prepared.

He's reservedIeloquent and knows the business very well, so he speaks with great authority. He should havewaited until Simon had finished.

We haven't got much time. Complete the conversation below with the words in the box. Ibush grapevine loop mouth picture stick wall wavelength A: Have you seen Marco today? Oh, I just wondered. Don't beat about the. Well, I heard on the. Are you sure you didn't get the wrong end ofthe. That's why I asked if you'd seen Marco. I want to get it straight from the horse's 4 B: Why don't you ask Rolf? He'll know. Talking to Rolf is like talking to a brick. We're never on the same 6 B: OK, how about Lea?

I'm sure Marco's keeping her in the. Yeah, good idea. I'm sure Lea will put me in the. Thanks for the suggestion! UNIT A Iabsolutely achieve back best great mind purpose stage suggest think 1 The. We barely made it! Is that OK with you? Write an e-mail of words from Tom Jordan to Joao Pereira.

Say who advised you to e-mail and why you're writing; explain yourwork and suggest a meeting. If you want to talk to someone about Brazil's petroleum industry, e-mail Joao Pereira Udp44 brazchem. He can probably give you some facts and figures. Tell him that Judy Milligan suggested you get in touch. I worked with Joao in Dubai a few years ago. Best, Judy Information about you: Doing business internationally Complete the sentences below with the words in the box.

Idirect flexible local patient product relax reliable rip-off 1 It's important to listen to people who have. Having a product that's high-end is OK, but if people think it's a. In many cultures, it takes time build a relationship before you can talk business. In some places, you have to pay careful attention even to understand if the person is saying yes.

In other places, people may seem very abrupt when they say what's on their mind. STARTING UP charisma dedication discipline drive imagination looks luck money nepotism ruthlessness brand customer headquarters innovation leader people profit shares subsidiaries workforce 36 IJ What makes people successful? Add four more words to the list in the box on the left. Then choose the five most important. El Talk about a person you know who is successful.

Why are they successful? II What are the best indicators of an individual's level of success? An Intermediate Business English Course: Natural English Upper-Intermediate Workbook. Study Book.

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Upper-Intermediate Students' Book. New Headway Pronunciation Course: Student's Book Upper-intermediate level. Business English with the ''Financial Times''.

Upper-intermediate Workbook. English Vocabulary in Use: Business result: New Opportunities Upper-Intermediate: Students' Book Opportunities. It has been developed in association with the Financial Times, one of the world's leading sources of professional information, to ensure the maximum range and authenticity of international business content. The course is intended for use by either students preparing for a career in business or those already working who want to improve their English communication skills.

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Market Leader combines some of the most stimulating recent ideas from the world of business with a strongly task-based approach. Role plays and case studies are regular features of each unit. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to use their own experience and opinions in order to maximise involvement and learning. An essential requirement of business English materials is that they cater for the wide range of needs which students have, including different areas of interest and specialisation, different skills needs and varying amounts of time available to study.

Market Leader offers teachers and course planners a unique range of flexible materials to help meet these needs. There are suggestions in this book on how to use the unit material extensively or intensively and how the material in the Practice File integrates with the Course Book. There are optional extra components, including a Business Grammar and Usage book, a DVD-ROM and a series of special subject books to develop vocabulary and reading skills.

This book contains extensive extra photocopiable material in the Text bank and Resource bank sections. The topics have been chosen following research among teachers to establish the areas ofwidest possible interest to the majority of their students.

The Course Book provides input in reading, speaking and listening, with guidance for writing tasks too. There is a regular focus on key business functions, and each unit ends with a motivating case study to allow students to practise language they have worked on during the unit.

After every three units is a spread called Working across cultures. Here, students are introduced to key intercultural concepts, developing their awareness and skills in order to function effectively in international business situations. There are also four Revision units in the Course Book that revise and consolidate the work done in the main units and culture spreads.

Practice File This gives extra practice in the areas of grammar and vocabulary, together with a complete syllabus in business writing. In each unit, students work with text models and useful language, then do a writing task to consolidate the learning. Additionally, the Practice File provides regular self-study pronunciation work with an audio CD and exercises and a valuable survival language section for students when travelling.

The Practice File pronunciation exercises are on the accompanying audio CD.

Teacher's Resource Book This book provides teachers with an overview of the whole course, together with detailed teaching notes, background briefings on business content, the Text bank 24 optional extra reading texts and the Resource bank photocopiable worksheets practising speaking, listening and writing skills. Test File Six photocopiable tests are available to teachers and course planners to monitor students' progress during the course.

There is an entry test, four progress tests and an exit test, which reviews the work done throughout the course.

Starting up Students have the opportunity to think about the unit topic and to exchange ideas and opinions with each other and with the teacher. There is a variety ofstimulating activities such as answering quiz questions, reflecting on difficult decisions, prioritising options and completing charts.

Throughout, students are encouraged to draw upon their life and business experience as appropriate. Vocabulary Essential business vocabulary is presented and practised through a wide variety of creative and engaging exercises. Students learn new words, phrases and collocations and are given tasks which help to activate the vocabulary they already know or have just learnt.

There is further vocabulary practice in the Practice File. There are a number ofdiscussion activities in the book. Their main purpose is to build up students' confidence in expressingtheirviews in English and to improve theirfluency. Reading Students read interesting and relevant authentic texts from the Financial Times and other business sources.

They develop their reading skills and acquire essential business vocabulary. The texts provide a context for language work and discussion later in the unit. Listening The authentic listening texts are based on interviews with businesspeople and experts in their field. Students develop listening skills such as prediction, listening for specific information and note-taking.It has been developed in association with the Financial Times, one of the leading sources of business information in the world.

Tocl"s has 55 done it. Then as one group, choose the best commercial. Orders for ships dried up, and department stores and. Is it now time to manufacture the fragrance in low-cost countries?