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RPG Item Version. Sisters of Rapture () · d20 System / OGL Product (D&D Compatible) · d20 System. Nickname. PDF version. Version Publisher. Sisters of Rapture is a reference module for D20/OGL role playing you'd expect a new company to make when releasing their first PDF. The Quintessential Temptress (D&D 3e Supplement); Sisters of Rapture (D20 Supplement) (see

Sisters of Rapture is about an all-female religious cult of the same name. Devoted to love in all its forms as a concept, an act, a force, etc. The first chapter shows us the Sister of Rapture base class, and its here that the book begins to showcase that it can handle d20 mechanics as well as it can artwork and exposition. As a spontaneous divine-spellcasting class, the Sister of Rapture has the finer nuances of good mechanics, making sure to give unique class abilities at every other level, and allow for swapping out spells known periodically as levels are gained.

The second chapter introduces four new prestige classes, all five-level classes and all of which are intended for a Sister of Rapture character. The Inamorare uses love to inspire her fellows to greater heights. The Patron Mother takes a younger Sister of Rapture under her wing, guiding and guarding her.

The Spellswinger is like the mystic theurge, but can use sex to pay for metamagic. The stormsister is a vigilant protector of women everywhere. These PrCs were all good in design, save for the Spellswinger — she gains Sexual Energy Points which are used to download-off levels of metamagic.

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However, it takes a relatively short period of time to gain SEPs, and they can be replenished indefinitely. Here is where we get the new skills, spells, feats, and magic items. So good. I handle their applications, so I have access to their phone numbers, and given her job, they tend to be very friendly.

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I am married though. I saw the position in a internet website, send my CV, got an interview then bribed the HR manager Ok, anyone else who wants to get in on the skype conversation? We still only have two people but we are world building right now.

Are you having this rp over skype? Like right now? Any schedule? Not even to mention all of the useful spells.

Mind to Mind is fantastic, and Block the Seed should be in every sorcerer's spells known. You can't really do charop if you're not willing to give a book more than a cursory glance. No schedule yet just world building. Also, my English is very bad. Can I still apply or is not required? How's that going?

I'm really excited to read that one, oddly enough. I swear I'm not going to fap while I do. It will be over mic. I've had sex in the form of whore houses, nympho shop keepers, and a group of half-orc men that regularly fucked, often in public as a show of dominance, "B-But we're not fags or anything! It's not a hidden room, and it's on the Rizon Servers.

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The only books to ever go THAT far. It does feel a little bit Mahou Shoujou - but in a good way. Have a bottle of whiskey on hand for this movie, you're gonna need it. I need at leats two more people for the adult themed pathfinder game.

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Half the people in that IRC aren't as desperate as you're sounding. Pales in comparison to the completely-serious applications of seduction from other Mongoose properties Quintessential Witch? As an aside, all the books are cleaned except the 3. Trying to torrent a newer acrobat to try again.

The non-art "Stripped" version cleaned fine, and the Pathfinder full book did too However, don't let that stop you from doing it if you feel like it. Or just house-ruling it to be much better somehow. It's hard to find players and I have to post every once and a while in this thread so that people know i'm still looking.

My amulet of anti-perviness has protected me all the years I've been here. Guess who has the best google-fu ever? Its me. So salute to you for doing it for me. Basically my character will seduce, kidnap, drug or otherwise getting his clutches on each daughter in turn, corrupting them and turning them to chaos while she will be playing the girls.

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It's fans like you that make me ashamed to enjoy Warhammer or 40k. Or is it just the Pathfinder versions? Otherwise it's the 3. Anyone have the "Fursona" books? They've got some pretty whacked out sexual stuff. Amazingly crazy. Reading the file names, I thought that was just a file of the errata. Thanks much! You could also use base 3. But until you put it in book form, nobody will take it non seriously. With the digital downloads, when errata is released, they edit the pdf for it to include the errata already.

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Tripcode [? Kisses are ranked levels: Kiss of Power 1 abilities can be selected at 2nd level onwards, Kiss of Power 2 at 6th level and so forth. The recipient must make a Will save or be afflicted with one of the following random sexual curses. The curse is indefinite, remaining until someone removes it with remove curse. The Sister bestowing the curse can never determine which curse the victim will receive.

No additional save is allowed. The GM determines the specific moods and their triggers. The curse does not force the victim to take any action, but it does make the aberrant urges seem extremely desireable. As a result, he or she loses one point of Charisma per month until the curse is removed. As his or her Charisma decreases, he or she loses self-confidence and grows deeply depressed.

A victim might seriously contemplate suicide in the latter stages of affliction. And here I thought the Sisters were the Good guys! And randomly being capable of driving a target to suicide seems more appropriate to the Book of Vile Darkness than a holy power. The Sister may choose which Kiss to bestow, but she can use only one of the choices per day.

No additional spell components or extra casting time is required. Bestow life to a living creature? Matchmaker can be a pretty powerful battlefield control spell in certain situations especially the at-will part , but it does raise some thorny issues of consent.

You must kiss the person in order to bestow the bonus. The result of the second roll applies even if it is worse. This ability gives a cleric with the Luck Domain an additional reroll per day, but not on the same action.

Your caster level is equal to your SoR class level. No rage powers are gained with this ability. Additionally, when you and at least one lover of yours any person with whom you have had consensual sexual contact are present in the tiny hut, you all gain the benefits of protection from evil while inside it.

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The caster level for these effects is equal to your sister of rapture level. At-will rage! The Sister ceases to visibly age, suffering no ability score modifiers positive or negative for aging, and your corpse is under the effect of a constant gentle repose spell upon death.

At 14th level you gain Motherhood and are eligible to take the rank of Patron Mother. Seems kind of unnecessary; just grant Leadership normally, then discuss the cohort and apprentice stuff in the PrC itself.

Other artwork in this chapter includes a Sister wearing armored sleeves, a corset which leaves the breasts bare, see-through underwear, high-heeled boots, and a white cape; and that aforementioned orc limb-cutter.

And so ends Chapter One. Thoughts so far: Problematic sexual content setting off mental alarms? Gratuitous nudity? It's going to be one of those reviews, isn't it?

The class itself is a solid tier 2 and versatile. Chapter Two: Love's Chosen The opening illustration shows four topless women presumably Sisters of Rapture sitting around a dinner table in an inn, which looks medieval for the most part except for modern-looking overhead lights. They're all chatting happily, but a barmaid is looking nervously over to a tiefling-looking fellow in the shadows eyeing the Sisters with an angry stare.

A suspicious bearded man in a dark cloak is at the other end of the picture, also looking angry at them. I get the feeling that the Sisters are being incredibly obnoxious and pissing everyone off in the inn.

So this chapter is also short, and details 4 prestige classes and 3 class archetypes Pathfinder equivalent to alternate class features. They all require Sister of Rapture levels in the case of PrCs, or are based off of the class in terms of archetypes.

The Inamorare is basically a muse who inspires others to greatness with their presence. They have the Sisterhood class feature and had a 1 month long sexual relationship with an equal to or higher level character why so specific? The major class feature Inamorare have is Inspire Greatness. This ability has an unlimited amount of uses per day and lasts two rounds per level.

Allies can only benefit from one kind of bonus at once. The artwork's nothing special; the first one's a woman with dark-skinned complexion dressed in a see-through Greek robe gazing upon a handheld statue. The other's a woman kissing a man on the cheek while walking on a forest trail.

The verdict: This PrC is really powerful. The other spellcasters in the party will love your 5th-level ability. Next up we have the Patron Mother, who are basically the senior mentors responsible for training new initiates. The concept of motherhood is very important, but most Sisters do not have the inclination to raise children while performing their duties.

Thus came about the Patron Mother, who is just as much an adoptive mother to the initiate as they are their teacher. Once the initiate is confirmed to be entering of her own free will, the Sisterhood enacts a ceremony to create a spiritual and mental bond between the two. A metaphorical motherhood is fine on its own, making it literal and excluding the actual mother will just create more unnecessary problems and heartbreak.

The text also mentions that Patron Mothers are forbidden from engaging in romantic and sexual relationships with their initiates, and must keep a maternal distance when instructing the initiate about love and sex. The penalty? The Sacred Council nullifies their bond and separates them. No imprisonment or exile from the Sisters, just a goddamn slap on the wrist. This is literally the furthest thing from sexy I can think of, TCatt, please just stop it. Pre-requisites involve the Motherhood class feature, cannot have any living natural offspring or cohorts from Leadership, undergo the Rite of Sacred Motherhood, and 7 ranks each in Knowledge Carnal , Knowledge Religion , and Sense Motive.

It can work even if the Mother does not know her location, and it cannot save an apprentice if the damage she just took would kill her. Except the apprentice must be within line of sight for it to work.

However, if she chooses not to resurrect the apprentice when given the opportunity, she cannot make use of this class feature again although the apprentice can still be resurrected normally.

One of the two pieces of artwork for this PrC depicts a Patron Mother, naked, watching her also naked apprentice who is obviously in her 20s, as are all the other Sisters depicted in this book, thank God! It revolves around protecting an apprentice too low-level to be going on adventures with you, anyway. Third class is the Spellswinger, the mystic theurge of Sisters and metamagic specialist.Extra s: Does anyone have download links for these, or if you have them, can anyone upload them somewhere?

Masochist Sinful: The penalty? Also, voice would be proffered. The second chapter introduces four new prestige classes, all five-level classes and all of which are intended for a Sister of Rapture character. Furthermore, the books themselves tend to be low-budget, small-press, and extremely ill-advised even to their prospective target audience, which one might imagine includes married couples trying to spark up their love life or just trying out "new things". At 14th level, they trade in Motherhood for Mystic Purity, where once per day she can impose a penalty on a target, which applies to the next roll made to resist one of her spells of her Kiss of Power.