D UNGEoNà 8c DRÄ'GoNs'. GRME ADVENTURE. CITY 0f THE. SpIDER QUEEN . DEMQÍIP'“ IIJAMES WYA*_TT ROBERT CAMPBELL l'__“'_ Qmptilt I)i~ilt\t1ns. HD3 The City of the Spider-God - Hyborian Age - Xoth. Eberron - City of St.. - Home. Spider cranes Spider cranes. Keeping Your Home Spider Free This Year. Designed to take 10th-level characters as far as 18th level, City of the Spider Queen draws the heroes into the deepest reaches of the Underdark and plunges .

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City of the Spider Queen () - THE FATE OF FAERÛN LIES IN Watermarked PDF City of the Spider Queen (), by James Wyatt, is a. Web Enhancements - City of the Spider Queen. of the City of the Spider Queen adventure and the War of the Spider Queen (M ZIP/PDF). City Of The Spider - Home. The Spider - Home. City Of The Spider - Home. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to .

If slain, she reverts to her drow form, though she remains dead. However, any part of her body that is separated from the whole retains its animal form. Animal Companion: Thelossa has two dire bat animal companions. She has befriended these creatures with the spell animal friendship. She can communicate simple concepts and if the bat is friendly commands. Blindsight Ex : Thelossa maneuvers and fights as well in the dark as a creature with normal vision does in the light.

A silence spell negates this ability and forces her to rely on her weak vision, which has a maximum range of 10 feet.

These bonuses are lost if her blindsight is negated. Drow Traits: Thelossa is immune to magic sleep spells and effects.

Underdark Campaigns Possessions: dusty rose ioun stone. This one, spawned on the lower planes, is both unusually powerful and unusually bad tempered. Encounter Distance: 60 feet D Fiendish Dracolisk: hp Tactics: Sharing none of the intellect of its dragon parent, the fiendish dracolisk is nevertheless a stealthy hunter accustomed to stalking prey in these Underdark passages. If it hears the characters approaching, it crouches in a small alcove and waits for them to reach its hiding place.

It uses its breath weapon to target the characters in the middle of the party, then leaps out to attack with its gaze and natural weapons. Breath Weapon Su : Once per day, the fiendish dracolisk can breathe a foot line of acid.

Anyone within its range takes 6d4 points of damage Reflex DC 17 half. Petrifying Gaze Su : A fiendish dracolisk can turn a target within 30 feet that meets its gaze to stone permanently. A successful Fortitude save DC 17 negates the effect. This effects. Cha 1. The initial and secondary damage Summon monstrous spider is as summon monster.

As a drow.

Spider plague is as insect plague. Rhuallith delivers poison Fortitude save DC spiders instead and do not fly. An unwilling. It entirely conceals the face when worn. SA Pain. If a good-aligned character tries to 3rd—giant vermin. Caster Level: Scourge of Fangs: This scourge has a handle of adamantine and derkind webbing as if affected by a freedom of movement spell. Summon spider swarm is as purpose.

Int —. She can elect not to strous spider is conjured and the duration is doubled 2 secrete poison.

Wall of webs: As wall of iron. A failed saving ance. HD 2d The change Second. Pain Su: Spider Mask: This drow-made item is a black velvet face mask Spider Magic Su: Rhuallith uses her total character level when with four spiderlike. If a snake head is destroyed. Str 6. Rhuallith also has darkvision foot range. Darkvision 60 ft. At high levels. A lurker above that has fed well and often Reflex save DC 18 or be blinded and stunned for 1 round as the enough to grow to Gargantuan size eventually enters a long stage of gas burns the eyes and exposed skin.

Int 7. Int 5. It Foulwings communicate with each other in harsh croakings only generally prefers to fly. If you are run. Its red eyes. Each creature in the affected area warrant their inclusion in City of the Spider Queen. Cha 5 Abilities: The suckers. None Challenge Rating: Usually neutral evil Treasure: Half Advancement: Its legs end in rubbery fingers smooth.

It is a flat creature generally 20 feet wide and 10 feet an enormous toad. While pinned. When food is plentiful. Cha 4 Skills: Any land and underground Organization: A lurker above resorts to its tiny claws only when constricting prey.

Creatures within the cone must make a successful new hunting grounds. It long. Over the course of a few days. Drow and other evil single sitting. Underdark Campaigns Crush Ex: A flying foulwing can land on opponents three or New Monsters more sizes smaller than itself as a standard action.

A foulwing can use its three long. Its head is long and narrow. Always neutral Advancement: Its rough-textured underside conceals hundreds of humanoids frequently tame and ride these creatures as war tiny suckers used to consume food.. Blood drain. Its skin is black and covered with wriggling No more than a foot thick. Any underground Challenge Rating: A lurker above does not attack. Its skin is growths shaped like small horns.

This capability enables a a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity grap.

Philip Athans - War of the Spider Queen 05 - Annihilation

Any land and underground Any land and underground Warm land and underground Organization: Thus a lurker above may pro- range. Improved Grab Ex: If a lurker above hits an opponent that Tremorsense Ex: When attached to a rocky surface. On the following A lurker above attacks only to feed. A lurker above does not itself have any use for coins or magic Smother Ex: In addition to constricting its victim.

A lurker above may not have more than one target little as a few weeks or as long as a few years. In the first round. They can hold their breath for a number of rounds subterranean humanoids. Targets being smothered use the same rule as tims. Constrict Ex: The creature can detect approaching enemies. Each round. Improved grab. Underdark Campaigns The young reach maturity in 20 to 30 feedings. After this time. Poison immunity. As a result many caves inhab.

In some cases. When the target fails its Constitution check. Upon sensing prey generally with its tremorsense. In either case. A lurker above always attempts attacks. The body of a lurker above is naturally buoyant. Cha 2 Skills: It positions itself over a easily. None None None Alignment: Always neutral Always neutral Always neutral Advancement: If it gets a hold.

Cha 2 Int —. In the third round. If targets can attack the lurker above at allowing it to gain and lose altitude. Because of its rubbery hide and ability to stretch lurker above becomes awake and alert. If a giant arachnid hits an opponent that is Sages call giant sun spiders monstrous solifugids or monstrous at least one size category smaller than itself with a claw attack.

In drow society. They are also larger. Two long. When one side showed its weak- Improved Grab Ex: The giant whip scorpion has a grapple bonus ness. They are about 10 feet in diameter and weigh lb. Her priestesses lie slain. A giant arachnid is immune to all mind-affecting up for its underdeveloped pincers.

Though scorpions are not consid- ered spiderkind. The giant whip spider has a grapple bonus effects. Insurrec- length from 6 to 8 feet and weighs about lb. The cloud is an inhaled poison Fortitude save. It also has darkvision foot range. The giant whip spider has a grapple bonus activity of her cult beyond that fallen city. The initial and secondary damage is the same 1d4 points of cousins.

Their tion among the surface-dwelling dark elves who loot the ruins of the front. Lolth has fallen silent long. There are no followers of Kiaransalee among the drow of gids or occasionally as giant vinegaroons.

They use an uneasy truce among three religious factions: If you are running an extended campaign based on City of the Spider Queen. Poison Spray Ex: Three times a day.

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It can then use its bite as a primary attack at its full sun spiders have weaker claw attacks but still use their grasping attack value. Their segmented. They are not as widespread spread around itself. Two more legs are held close to and is no longer granting spells to her clerics. It ranges in catastrophe in Menzoberranzan. Squeeze Ex: A giant arachnid that gets a hold on an opponent COMBAT of its own size category or smaller automatically deals damage with Lacking the developed pincers of the other giant arachnids.

Giant sun spiders are difficult to distinguish from Large monstrous ceptible to many forms of drow magic. Characters frequently encounter them in and near drow set.

Dexterity damage. They are also. Their coloration is typically All three giant arachnid varieties fight by grabbing opponents. The western plateau of the 9. The Weave dis- changed very little since Lolth fell silent. Material claim the true leadership of the city. Even the drow tradition of constant internecine conflict has faded flat-footed 42 in recent years as the city focuses its attention peacefully outward.

Even with a small temple now standing openly in the mist of the leled by an identical struggle among cultic factions. Each noble house. Because of the recent surge in her worship as detailed in ing. The males who run the city in and battle erupts whenever gangs or better-organized strike teams all but name still frown on the worship of the Revenancer.

Underdark Campaigns city. The strife not take anything near the steps that would have been taken before extends into the outer edges of the two other domains as well.

Her high priestess. Much like Maerimydra. In this environment. Sshamath is a teeming drow metropo- unusual amount of religious freedom in the city: With three power. The resulting rash of murders and one-on-one Special Attacks: Domain powers. Every faction agrees that Lolth is angry with the drow of Gual.

Kiaransalee is now a lesser deity instead of of Lolth in the city. As a result. Her cult has never numbered more than a tiny Sshamath handful of outlaw drow in Eryndlyn.

Medium-size Undead icant trading power in the Underdark. Guallidurth has always been a fertile ground for non-Lolthite cults. DC Drow traits. With both Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun taking an active interest in events in Eryndlyn. The eternal infighting continues unabated. About the only thing the Matron Mothers of the city can agree on Kiaransalee is that worshiping another deity is even worse than worshiping City of the Spider Queen includes a brief description of Kiaransalee Lolth the wrong way.

A common crisis. As a mortal. Kiaransalee was a lich. The neverending and Ghaunadaur as minor city officials. James Wyatt is the designer of Oriental Adventures. She has darkvision foot Portfolio Sense: Kiaransalee is aware of any use of animate dead.

Extend Spell. Divine Spellcasting. Kiaransalee also has the ability to use dancing lights. Prohibited school: Create Magic Items: Kiaransalee can create any kind of magic electricity.

Spell Mastery animate dead. Nega- tive energy heals her. She is immortal.

Extra Domain Drow. He liked it when that harmed her in combat.

Spider Queen. Will DC Quicken Spell. Defenders of the Faith. Empower Spell.

Arcane Mastery. Kiaransalee may take 10 on any check She cy. She can perform up to 5 such free actions each round. Underdark Campaigns Saves: As a standard action. Any creature of less than 5 HD in a foot radius that looks at her must succeed at a Will save or be affected as though by a fear spell caster level 40th. Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Form. Spell Focus Illusion.

Knowledge skills as a free action if the DC for the task is 20 or lower. Greater Spell Focus Necroman. Alter Size. Kiaransalee can see. Knowledge spell level for Evocation and Illusion spells. Kiaransalee uses these abilities as a 16th- level caster. Craft jewelry. Focus Evocation. Control Creatures undead. City of the ribution. She gains undead when any target is a drow corpse. Extra Turn. Greater Spell Penetration. Fear Aura Su: Kiaransalee is shrouded in a dreadful aura of death and evil.

She can extend her Spell senses to up to 5 locations at once. As a lesser deity. Spell as an automatic failure. Spell Focus Necro. As a at least five hundred people.

Heighten Spell. Necromancy spells. Divine Immunities: Kiaransalee is immune to ability damage. Undead Traits: Kiaransalee is not subject to critical hits or subdual damage. As an market price does not exceed Lightning Reflex.

Maximize Spell. Extra Domain Ret.

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Enlarge Spell. Kiaransalee can use Spellcraft or any of her checks while operating in bright light. Animate dead. Still of her titles or name was spoken in the last hour. Forge Ring. Kiaransalee has light blindness blinded for 1 round by abrupt swears an oath of vengeance if the event is of similar scope.Ryld had no choice but to follow through with the swing, but he managed to make use of the inertia to send him dodging off to the left when the creature slashed at him with its hind claws.

Both of them blew steam into the frigid air, but only Ryld smiled. The Production. As if it understood her and had no love for her goddess, the big animal looked up, coughed out two more feral grunts, and started at them.

All the while, the Master of Sorcere continued his incantation, not missing a beat, not missing a syllable, when he slid the spoon under the right eyelid, the boy began to pray.