Are you ready to learn about the Aliens' YELLOW BOOK and how they explain the creation of the Universe? The YELLOW BOOK or Bible is the alien's history of . The YELLOW BOOK is the alien's history of our universe written by the aliens and their interactions and involvement with Earth's development. Brought to Earth. The YELLOW BOOK reveals the secrets of the Aliens on Earth and their interaction with humans! Bob Lazar used the YELLOW BOOK at area 51 to discover the.

The Yellow Book Alien

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Yellow Book, nicknamed “Eben's Bible”, gives the Ebens' perspective of the history of the universe in relation to their own interactions and involvement with. Yellow Book. On the Serpo site, the "Yellow Book" or "Bible" is described as "the alien's history of our universe written by the aliens themselves as well as their. Are aliens real? Many people seem to think so. Statistically speaking, another intelligent race must exist among the stars. But who are they? What if they've.

The Yellow Book goes on and on and on and on. It's doubtful that anyone knows how long it goes on or that there is any way to find the end of the book. There is no known end to The Yellow Book.

Also, there is no known way to stop reading in one particular place, put down The Yellow Book, and then resume at the same place. Once put down, The Yellow Book and picked up again later, the book starts from the beginning. Although the book can somehow determine the language of the person who is reading, it can not determine the uniqueness of that person.

In other words, the problem with reading it, is that one must start all over from the very beginning once you put it down.

Yellow Book

If it took you 12 hours to reach p. The Yellow Book goes back to around 2, years. References of our universe from The Yellow Book: As for the universe, according to the Ebens, the universe was created in a split second, similar to our Big Bang Theory, and expands over a period of billions of years. They speak of time, but in terms of an event clock, so to help us better understand, the Ebens detail our years as a point of reference.

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According to the Ebens, our universe expands for about 25 billion years. The Yellow Book, which puts things in a different perspective. The predictions that Yellow Book contains therefore would have been collected in the future as things that had happened in their past. Again, however, it is important to stress that many of the predictions have thus far failed to happen.

His name is George Bush who at the time was president and C. Zapata Oil was experimenting with the new technology of offshore drilling. It was correctly thought that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boat where it would then be taken to shore by the normal transportation used for supplies and personnel.

By this method, no customs or law enforcement agency would subject the cargo to search. George Bush agreed to help and organized the operation in conjunction with the CIA. The plan worked better than anyone had thought and has since expanded worldwide and there are now many other methods of bringing the illegal drugs into the country. It must always be remembered though that George Bush began sale of drugs to our children. The CIA now controls all the world's illegal drug markets. Although innocent in its conception this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects and conceal the REAL space program from the American people.

A similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose. In fact a joint alien, United States, and Soviet Union base already existed on the moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke the words. On May 22, a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life. Not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest.

Today cities exist on Mars populated by specifically selected people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the Earth. A public charade of antagonism between the Soviet Union and the United States has been maintained over all these years in order to fund projects in the name of National Defense when in fact we are the closest allies.

Kennedy Assassination At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens. He issued an ultimatum in to MJ President Kennedy assured them that if they didn't clean up the drug problem he would.

He informed MJ that he intended to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year and ordered a plan developed to implement his decision. President Kennedy was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and know nothing of "Alternative 2" or "Alternative 3". Internationally the operations were supervised by MJ and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization. President Kennedy's decision struck fear into the hearts of those in charge. His assissination was ordered by the Policy Committee and the order was carried out by agents of MJ in Dallas.

President John F. Kennedy was murdered by the Secret Service Agent who drove his car in the motorcade and the act is plainly visible in the film.

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ALL of the witnesses who were close enough to the car to see William Greer shoot Kennedy were themselves all murdered within the next two years of the event. The Warren Commission was a farce and Council on Foreign Relations members made up the majority of its panel. They succeeded in snowing the American people. Many other patriots who attempted to reveal the alien secret have also been murdered throughout the intervening years.

During the era of the United States initial space exploration and the Moon landings every launch was accompanied by alien craft. A Moon base dubbed Luna was sighted and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. Domes, spires, tall round structures which look like silos, huge "T" shaped mining vehicles which left stitch-like tracks in the lunar surface, and extremely large as well as small alien craft appear in the photographs.

It is a joint United States, Russian and Alien base. The Space Program is a farce and unbelievable waste of money.

Alternative 3 is a reality and is not at all science fiction. Most of the Apollo Astronauts were severely shaken by this experience and their lives and subsequent statements reflect the depth of the revelation and the effect of the muzzle order which followed. They were ordered to remain silent or suffer extreme penalty, DEATH, which was termed an "expediency".

One astronaut actually did talk to the British producers of the TV expose "Alternative 3" confirming many of the allegations. In the book "Alternative " the pseudonym "Bob Grodin" was used in place of the astronaut's identity. It was also stated that he committed suicide in This cannot be validated by any source and I believe that several so-called facts in the book are disinformation. I firmly believe that this disinformation is a result of pressure put upon authors and is meant to nullify the effect upon the populace of the British TV expose entitled "Alternative 3".

The headquarters of the international conspiracy is in Geneva, Switzerland. The ruling body is made up of Representatives of the Governments involved as well as the Executive members of the group known as the "Bilderburgers". The secrecy is such that this was the only method which would ensure that the meetings would not be bugged.

I believe that the disinformation was an attempt to compromise the British TV expose with information which could be proven false, just as the "Eisenhower Briefing Document" was released here in the U. Alien Spacecraft Since our interaction with the aliens began we have come into possession of technology beyond our wildest dreams.

A craft named Aurora exists at Area 51 which makes regular trips into space. It is a one stage ship called a TAV transatmospheric vehicle and it can take off from the ground using a 7 mile runway, go into high orbit, return on its own power, and land on the same runway.

We currently have and fly atomic powered alien type craft at Area S-4 in Nevada. Our pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars, and other planets aboard these craft. We have been lied to about the true nature of the Moon, the planets Mars and Venus and the real state of technology that we possess today at this very moment.

There are areas on the Moon where plant life grows and even changes color with the seasons. This seasonal effect is because the Moon does not, as claimed, always present the exact same side to the earth or the sun. There is an area that wobbles in and out of darkness on a seasonal basis and it is near this area that the plant life grows. The Moon does have a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere.

It possesses a gravitational field and man can walk upon its surface without a space suit breathing from an oxygen bottle after undergoing decompression the same as any deep sea diver. I have seen the photographs and some of them were actually published in the book "We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon" by Fred Steckling.

In a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the aliens at the Dulce underground lab. The aliens took many of our scientists hostage. Delta forces were sent to free them but were no match against the alien weapons. As a result we withdrew from all joint projects for at least 2 years. A reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact. Today the alliance continues. Nixon Forced To Resign When the Watergate scandal broke, President Nixon had intended to ride out the storm confident that he could not be impeached.

MJ, however, had a different agenda.

The intelligence community rightfully concluded that an impeachment trial would open up the files and bare the awful secrets to the public eye. Nixon was ordered to resign. He refused and so the first military coup ever to take place in the United States was promulgated. It stated, "Upon receipt of this message you will no longer carry out any orders from the White House. Acknowledge receipt. I personally saw this message. When I asked my commanding officer what he would do as obviously the order violated the Constitution, I was told, "I guess I will wait to see if any orders come from the White House and then I will decide.

During all the years that this has been happening the Congress and the American people have seemed to know instinctively that something was not right. When the Watergate scandal surfaced they jumped on the bandwagon and everyone thought that the agencies would be cleaned out. President Ford organized the Rockefeller commission to do the job.

Yellow Book: The History of the Aliens on Earth (Blue Planet Project Book 22)

At least that is what everyone thought. His real purpose was to head off the Congress and keep the cover-up going. Nelson Rockefeller who headed the commission investigating the intelligence community was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was the one who helped Eisenhower build the MJ power structure. Rockefeller uncovered only enough to keep the hounds at bay.

He threw the Congress few bones and the cover-up rolled merrily along as always. Later Senator Church would conduct the famous Church hearings. He also was a prominent member of the Council on Foreign Relations and he only repeated the Rockefeller act.

Again the cover-up prevailed. When Iran Contra came along we thought this time it had to come gushing out. Wrong again! Despite mountains of documents that pointed to drug smuggling and other hidden monsters, the cover-up sailed through. Congress even seemed to go out of its way to duck the issues that were just under the surface. Could it be that Congress knows the whole thing and won't touch it? Are they amoung the select who have been picked for the Mars colony when the Earth begins to destruct?

I cannot even begin to outline the entire financial empire controlled by the CIA, the NSA, and the Council on Foreign Relations that controls and launders money from drugs and intelligence community proprietary ventures but I can tell you the little that I know.

The amount of money is beyond anything you can imagine and is hidden in a vast networks of banks and holding companies.

You should first begin to look at the J.

Contingency Plan A contingency plan was formulated by MJ to throw everyone off the trail should they come close to the truth. It was implemented with the release by Moore, Shandera, and Friedman of the purported genuine "Eisenhower Briefing Document". The document is a fraud. The document lists the Executive Order as A number which does not exist and will not exist for quite a long time at the present rate.

Truman wrote Executive Orders in the 9, range, Eisenhower wrote in the 10, range, Ford was up to the 11, bracket, and Reagan got only into the 12, numbers. Executive Orders are numbered consecutively, no matter who occupies the White House for reasons of continuity, record keeping, and to prevent confusion.

The Executive Order is only 1 of several fatal flaws contained within the document. The plan so far has thrown the entire research community off the trail for several years and has resulted in the wasted expenditure of money looking for information which does not exist.

Many thousands of man hours have gone into looking for a "Red Herring". If you doubt the secret government's ability to run you through the rose garden you had better think again. Another contingency plan is in force and is working upon you today. It is the plan to prepare the public for eventual confrontation with an alien race. The public is being bombarded with movies,radio, advertising, and TV depicting almost every aspect of the true nature of the alien presence.

This includes the good and the bad. Look around and pay attention. The aliens are planning to make their presence known and the government is preparing you for it so that there will be no panic.

The worst contingency plan has also been implemented and is at work right now. For many years now they have been importing drugs and selling them to the people and mainly the poor and minorities. Social welfare programs were put into place to create a dependent non-working element of our society.

They began to remove the social welfare programs in order to develop a large criminal class that did not exist in the 50's and early 60's. They encouraged the manufacture and importation of deadly military firearms for the criminal element to use. This was intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms.

Incidents were to be staged to speed up the process. By using drugs and hypnosis in a process called Orion on mental patients the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on school yards and inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well underway and so far is working as planned.

This plan must not succeed. Martial Law and Concentration Camps Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation they will convince the American people a state of anarchy exists within the major cities. They are now building their case almost nightly on TV and daily in newspapers. When public opinion has been won over to this idea they intend to state that a terrorist group armed with a nuclear weapon has entered the United States and that they plan to detonate this device in one of our cities.

The government will then suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law. The secret alien army of implanted humans and all dissidents, which translated into anyone they choose, will be rounded up and will be placed in concentration camps which already exist throughout the country. They are each one mile square. Are the people whom they intend to place in these concentration camps destined to make the reported "Batch Consignments" of slave labor needed by the Space Colonies?

Anyone who resists will be taken or killed. This entire operation was rehearsed by the government and military in under the code name REX and it went off without a hitch. Your freedom will never be returned and you will live in slavery for the remainder of your life. You had better wake up and you had better do it now.

One of his jobs as an aviation expert was to debunk everything to do with UFOs. William Moore, Jaimie Shandera, and Stanton Friedman are either witting with knowledge or unwitting being used without knowledge agents of the secret government.

I prefer to believe that they are unwitting although William Moore's reported us of a Defense Investigation Service ID card and his reported self confession to Lee Graham that he was an agent of the government makes me seriously doubt it, if the reports are true.

Lee Graham called me at my home, and when asked, he confirmed that Moore had indeed done this.This implant was said to give the aliens total control of that human. The day 3M accidentally created…. The reader looks at the transparent surface and suddenly words and pictures appear. The group consisted of different ad hoc members depending on the subject on the agenda.

There are unanswered questions, such as why did he call someone hours earlier and say he was coming to visit him to discuss what he thought was the solution to the Philadelphia Experiment mystery, and how did he drive his car out to the park when he was so drunk, but that's not my point here. Completely untrue. The document estimated that 1 in every 40 people had been implanted.

A low level collection and disinformation project named Blue Book was formed under Grudge. I have added information in this file that puts my life in absolute danger.