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In spare moments, she muses on ileana vulpescu arta conversatiei, cultural events that take place in London, and independent films. Many times, people cheating each other. She writes prose, drama, translates from the English, French and Spanish ileana vulpescu arta conversatiei and renders verses of the modern and contemporary Romanian literature in French.

She has recently written about Vladimir Nabokov, Bob Dylan, the cosmos, and flamingos. Jan 18, Maria rated it it was amazing. Among artw translations we recall: What an excellent crash course in how to write a professional review!

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Publicat ileana vulpescu arta conversatiei 30 Decembrie de puricoso. Forgets, forgets so not to explode from so much collected memory. You can cheat and on themselves. When you get down to the bottom of hell, the trouble is that the others Feb 08, Andrea Andrei rated it vul;escu was amazing. Este continuarea la Arta Conversatiei. Invaluable tips and insights from every single speaker.

Arta compromisului by Ileana Vulpescu Arta compromisului rated it really liked it Feb 27, Se pot insela si asupra lor insisi. Ioana rated it liked it Sep 03, Oana rated it it vulpewcu ok Mar 01, Printre cei care simt voluptatea arta conversatiei ileana vulpescu imita personajele la moda se arta compromisului si snobii.

Crisstina Muntean rated it really vupescu it Mar 15, Printre cei care simt voluptatea de-a imita personajele la moda se numara si snobii. Adelina rated arta compromisului really liked it Apr 24, Conformismul, ca arta compromisului compromisul, nu face economie de mijloace: I dare tell you how tedious I feel literature is, also the movies.

Am invidiat de cand ma stiu autorii care te fac sa razi. Sanziana Hangan is a hypostasis of the writer who protests by writing against the communist obsessive decade.

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It analyses female feminine psychology during the existent communist period, radiographed by the confession of writer Ileana Vulpescu and her novel "The Art of Conversation". The study envisages two directions: The art of living - in the vision of Ileana Vulpescu 2.

The art of conversation in the art of confession. In the second part, through the method of literary analysis, we investigate the psychology of the main character achieved by the technique of the inner monologue as it appears from the subtext of the novel. The study manages to draw a portrait of the woman, but also a chronicle of a historical period.

The reported facts suffer in the novel a loss of gravity by accentuating the anecdotal character of narrated events. In conclusion, the written text expresses a point of view on the world, which it communicates to others.

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For Ileana, "the word" is, in general, the key and substance of creation. Thus, the novel "The Art of Conversation" is in fact the art of confession of a Woman in front of individual destiny, in the face of collective destiny and in the face of abuse. Her literary background consists of Romanian philology, lexicography, novelism and translatation. She graduated the Faculty of Philology, University of Bucharest , department: Romanian language and literature, French language and literature.

She worked as a lexicographer at the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy and collaborated on writing the papers "Romanian Language Dictionary" and "Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language" In July "Family" magazine published the story "Letter to the unknown one" and this is her literary debut.

Ileana Vulpescu published in the novel "Goodbye parental home" Romanian Book Publishing - copies and it was awarded by the Bucharest Writers' Association.

Another remarkable novel is an editorial "Kiss this land" 50, copies , awarded by the prize the "The flame". She has been a member of the Writers Union of Romania since In , for her entire literary work, she is awarded the "Full Romania" prize. Also, in the same year, the writer was given the title of honorary citizen of Craiova, in gratitude for all cultural, literary activity, academic support and her struggle to promote a positive image of Romania.

President of Romania, Mr. Her best known novel is "The Art of Conversation" which managed to reach bestseller before Other works of Ileana Vulpescu are: In the third grade of high school, she contracted tuberculosis and the disease was an opportunity to observe people and relationships in relation to life. Regarding this period, Ileana Vulpescu recalls "disease gave me time to think, to read, to listen to music.

I began to look differently at the world. I realized how easy you are out, for one reason or another, how poor are human relationships, how fragile life is. For the first time I felt loneliness as an unavoidable condition of mind.


Ileana Vuplescu says in an interview with Ana Maria Vulpescu in , that the success does not make anyone smarter or more talented and that it is important not loose your mind or not to loose yourself because of it. As regards the existence in the communist period, it is specified that all writers were looking for favorable contexts designed to avoid censorship.

The writer lived discreetly without attracting attention. Therefore, the novelist shall not be deemed to neither be a victim, nor a favorite of the system.

Furthermore, she considers that the novel highlights the life of ordinary human beings, anywhere and anytime, with all its stages birth, production, love, disappointment, death.

Apart from this aspect, "biography is the age evoked in the book. I've lived in fully!

Biography is Stalin, it is the letter Sinziana Hangan as a child sends it for the Stalin's birthday, entirely genuine, as I reproduced it completely. Biography are the quotas which the peasant could not not complete and the collectivization with its frightening dimensions, including beats. Biography is the reality of the removed peasants, from their homes, in the Baragan plain, because they were believed to be rich, enemies of the people".

The rest is imagination!

The art of conversation - the art of the confession The novel "The Art of Conversation" is a psychological narrative in the technique of inner monologue that radiates the life of a woman capable of making choices and assuming them in a society dominated by superficiality and inculturation. According to Jurgen Habermas, people's life is made of actions; they spend their lives acting, taking action: The concept of communicative action is presented in such a way that the acts of reaching understanding, which link the theologically structured plans of action of different participants and thereby first combine individual acts into an interaction complex, cannot themselves be reduced to teleological actions" [3].

In this context, according to Stefan Vladutescu the "communication between people creates a common language in the same way that, conversely, implies; […] only where understanding by the language with the other is possible by mutual addressing, only there the communicative comprehension and understanding generically may become an issue.

The main character is Dr.

Sanziana Hangan. She is the daughter of a teacher of classical languages forced to work as a typist in the new communist social order and a doctor who died on the front.

Although she is a skilled surgeon, she chooses not to accept the favors of the superiors and works as a doctor-laboratory assistant in a Research Institute.

Arta Conversatiei, Ileana Vulpescu

Married to the novelist Alexander Bujor, who gives him a girl Maria.Most Related. Este continuarea la Arta Conversatiei. Last edited by danelsan; at Power Point costs are automatically recalculated whenever you make a change. And you need to keep it with you as a good book, a favorite memory or a good chocolate receipe. I find that the one who gives more has more chances of contentment and, let's say, finally, this great - happiness.